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Star Trek Generations


1994. Directed by David Carson

There are a few laws to Star Trek. A couple of constants throughout the series which, whether the writers of this show mean it or not, are infallible. We all know the “Curse of the Red Shirt” truth, but there are other truths out there other than “Random ensigns who go on away missions will not survive.” Another of the same sort is that you do not want to be the other captain appearing on Star Trek. Meaning if this is The Original Series (TOS), you don’t want to be any captain but Kirk. The same will hold true throughout Next Generation (TNG) and will even creep into Deep Space 9 (DS9). If you are another Star fleet Captain of some other Federation ship and you so happen to appear in an episode, by the end you will either be dead or disgraced in one form or another. It’s sad, but its true, and that’s just the way it is.

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1991. Directed by Nicholas Meyer

Perhaps I had settled in my previous post. Maybe I had been so put off by everything since The Wrath of Kahn (WOK) that I was dying for something to measure up. Maybe the familiarity of The Final Frontier (TFF) was enough for me to enjoy it. I don’t take anything from TFF, I do genuinely like the movie. But if WOK is a 10, TFF is at best a 5. Which would make Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (TUC) a pleasantly surprising 8. It seems calling it quits was what they all needed to make a great movie again. No more personal agendas, no silly puns, nothing over the top (except of course for that Shatner on Shatner scene). It’s a story that wraps up whats been happening to and for Captain Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest. Also, TUC manages to make the crew of the Enterprise achieve their greatest accomplishment, and creates what propels Kirk and his crew to greatness, forever changing the federation as they know it. Continue reading


1989. Directed by William Shatner

Sure, Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (TFF) has it’s downsides. There’s plenty of cheesiness for the whole family to enjoy in this film. There’s way too many call backs to Captain Kirk’s mountain climbing from the beginning. And sure, they could have dug deeper into the public domain songs and found something better than “Row, row, row your boat.” That being said, I like this movie. Continue reading


1986. Directed by Leonard Nimoy

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (TVH) is exploitation at it’s finest! By that I mean exploitation of the characters in Star Trek, the fans of the series, and basically exploiting the popularity of the series itself. TVH is a slapped together “comedic” romp through 1980′s era San Francisco. It took every ounce of strength I have not to turn this movie off in the first hour. Continue reading


1984. Directed by Leonard Nimoy

Let me pose a quick conundrum for you. Let’s say you have a franchise on your hands. Furthermore, with the previous addition to said franchise you did very well and made lots and lots of money. You even managed to gain a whole onslaught of new fans and your franchise is more popular than ever! What profitable fun this must be for you! But wait, one of the reasons that film did so well is because you went ahead and killed off the most beloved character. Uh oh! Test audiences aren’t gonna like your franchise without him! So, what do you do to solve this little pickle? Continue reading


1982. Directed by Nicholas Meyer

Even if I end up hating every other Star Trek I see, this whole Trek Trek is all worth it because I’ve seen this movie! Truth. No words I say can do Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan (WOK) justice. Where as Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TMP) was a scattered mess of a film with a couple of fun ideas that go nowhere paired with an overload of visual stimulus, WOK is a genuinely well put together, beautiful and exciting story. The dialogue is fantastic, the action is thrilling, and the overall theme is heartfelt and engaging. Continue reading


1979. Directed by Robert Wise

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (TMP) comes to your home, kicks open the door, and slaps you in the face! It greets you with cinematic views of fantastic ships soaring through space. It compliments that with beautiful views of space itself, as opposed to the familiar black with yellow dots. Then, it brings on the Klingons! Not the everyday Klingons you know from The Original Series (TOS), oh no! The big bumpy Klingon forehead makes its debut. Then you say TMP, when I watched TOS, those Persian looking guys they called Klingons spoke english, what about these Klingons? Fuck no! They’re speaking Klingon! Okay, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, you’ve made your point. This ain’t my big brother’s Star Trek. I’m excited about these stakes you’ve raised, tell me more. Continue reading



I’m going to start with the most basic question of all. What is Star Trek? On a large-scale, Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) is the many stories and adventures of Captain James T.Kirk and his crew on and off of the Starship Enterprise during their five-year mission. The Enterprise is one of only a few of the topline of starships in Star fleet. It takes place centuries in our own future, when first contact with alien life has long since been made, and space travel has become common for us. We have joined a union of planets known as The Federation of Planets. Star fleet is their exploratory/military faction,  similar to our own Navy. On the smaller scale though, at its heart, Star Trek is the story of three men whose only similarity is their loyalty and friendship to one another. These three, and a few others in the crew have to deal with hopeless situations, unimaginable problems, and various issues that often blur the line between good and evil. Continue reading