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Can you guess which cast member of Reservoir Dogs appeared on Star Trek? Mr. Blonde perhaps? Or was it Mr Blue? Well the answer is:

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Way before she was finding those who were “Missing”. Before “Heat”ing things up with Val Kilmer or chasing serial killers with Morgan Freeman, she had her first on-screen “Kiss” with none other than Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton). When a new game is brought onto the Enterprise which makes you feel good when you score, the entire crew starts getting taken over by this addiction. Only two teens on the brink of falling in love can save the Enterprise before this new addiction destroys them all. Co-star of what could be be called the anti-drug episode of The Next Generation, Before she was famous she was on Star Trek! You guessed it, She’s:

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This 5 time Emmy award-winning sitcom star is well-known for his eloquent voice, and his starring role in a hit high brow comedy. What he’s not known for is his much scruffier appearance as Captain Morgan Bateson in The Next Generation. Which star was on Star Trek before he was famous? Continue reading

They say everything goes in circles. What’s cool now will go out of style, but will be back in a few generations. Though Star Trek: The Next Generation takes place in the 2300s, that doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about what was going on in the early 21st century. No, not the devastation our race suffered through after WWIII! I, of course mean our reality shows! They will make a huge comeback in 300 years. Let’s see how Lt. Worf feels after watching an episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians.

I couldn’t agree more Lieutenant.

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I’m going to just go ahead and assume you already know Star Trek. Rather, you know of Star Trek. Certainly the science-fiction cult phenomenon created by Gene Roddenberry; which first aired in 1966 is hard to ignore. In fact, I’m willing to bet you know exactly who Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock are, and can name the actors who played them. More so, I’ll even bet you can do what someone has called a “pretty good” impression of William Shatner. I’ll even go so far as to say you already know whether you can or can’t make “that V thing” with your hand, don’t you? Yeah, me too. Continue reading