1996. Directed by Jonathan Frakes.

Let me start by saying Star Trek First Contact (ST:FC) isn’t a bad movie. It also wasn’t exactly what I was looking forward to. Mainly it’s the set up to the movie which bothered me. Heres the deal. Last time we’ve seen Picard and co. The Enterprise D had been destroyed. The only crew member we’ve seen since has been Worf since he came to Deep Space 9. So with Worf having moved off on his own, you’d imagine the others will all have done the same. Surely Riker has become captain of his own ship at this point. Data’s accumulated experience surely would make him more useful off of a star ship. So I’m pumped, the Borg are coming back and Picard has to round the crew up for one final stand. Except that’s not what happens.

All the kids of the day are adding new Borg accessories.

Instead we’re brought to the Enterprise E. We’re introduced to it’s crew, which is, minus Worf, the crew of the Enterprise D. Nobody moved on with their lives. After some time the twist comes into play and the Enterprise and it’s crew are sent back in time. So there just wasn’t time to round the gang up. Fair. But I care about these people at this point, and felt an honest disappointment in Riker for not moving on with his life.

Data’s been watching 24

None the less, the film starts as it does, with the crew aboard the shiny and new Enterprise-E. The Borg come into play and Picard, or as I call him, The JLP, struggles with his previous Borg encounters and wrestles with joining the rest of the fleet for his showdown with the Borg. Of course he goes and takes the Borg down in a big way. Worf flies in and soon hops aboard the Enterprise to join in the fun. Then, in true Star Trek fashion, they end up going back in time to fight the Borg there.

but…but… Captain Sisko lets me have a dessert

They end up back when Earth first broke the light speed barrier and go warp for the first time. If you aren’t caught up in the rules of the prime directive, when a species first breaks the warp barrier, it is at this point that the Federation can make first contact with said species. So the Borg’s plans are: stop Earth from breaking the warp barrier when it does and alter the creation of the federation. The film goes on with Data wrestling with his good old am I a robot or am I a human struggle s he gets down and dirty with the Borg queen. Picard loses his mind for most of the film, while Riker and Geordi, for some reason, get to ride shotgun on the first trip into warp speeds.

A handsome couple

Ultimately, I’ve decided to lower my expectations with the Trek films. I expected with the TNG movies that they’d really go out of their way to make them epic. Instead, as with the first 6 movies, they just haven’t been SO great so far. More like extended episodes with a bit more cash thrown at them. First contact is good, but it could have been great.